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Our company is located in beautiful seashore city Qingdao, which is the manufacturering base for woodworking machines in China。 We are the leading manufacturer for various of woodworking machines with big scale and competitive price and highest quality。 Quality comes to first! The enterprises is taking hi-tech industry as direction, the company has production woodworking machinery experience for more than 20 Years。 Therere four major dovisions, which are the machine-building division, ornamental panei Division, door industry, electronicplastic division。

Company’s research and development strength is rich, have more than 100 people’s professional research and development teams, have fine scientific Research development environments, establish long-term technology and talent’s cooperation with domestic famous universities and scientific research Institutions, the research and development ability of the new products has been in counterpart’s guide status all the time too, products introduced remain technological at high grade, quality of good performance, market advantage in reasonable quality and price。

As the domestic famous mechanical manufacturing company, our company passes the informazation to machine-building of tradition, intelligent transformation, finish upgrading of product in time, succeed in extending to device fadrication trade of printing and dyeing. We have kept the lasting competitiveness in the manufacturing field of mechanical equipments. Our company produces the vacuum membrane machine, grinder, full-Automatic it two sides sealing machine, postformingmachine, sliding table panel saw, wood boring machine, pattern-patching machine, shearing machine, milling machine etc, more than 100 models products. We sell to all parts of China and export to Southeast Asian, Western Europe, North America, Russia, Africa etc more than 20 countries and regions.

To the new situation of the trade and development of market, since 2000, our company succeed in setting foot in ornament materials production, research and development already and whole cupboard, furniture production and trade, and has made a breakthrough in this field。 The company produces suck and mould the board, crystal board, bake and paints the board, are able to bear four major series such as the board triumphantly, Over one hundred cupboard door plant if specification, succeed in and sell to all parts of the country。

The company fully utilizes technology and brand advantage, and complete selling management system and strong marketing teamhaving set up developed Commercial network in all parts of the country, the products have already covered each area of the whole country, set up and amplify in the after-sale service site At the same time, high-quality attendants after sale and specialized installation debug the team, can offer high-qualify prompt techmoligical consulation and installation maintence service to customer。

Keep improving achieve success through good quality, in basic research and industrization, the peranm who devoted toes domestic navigation of the same Trade of our company。

Any inquiry or visiting from home or overseas are welcome. Believe we will be your BEST partner in China.



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